Heimdall's Quest

A gamified classroom environment

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Transform your classroom into a mystical realm!

Heimdall's Quest is a motivational challenge system, where your classroom is transformed into a mystical realm of ancient norse magic. The students work in teams, taking on unique roles, all on a mission to collect points, gain powers and shape their own classroom experience.

At the heart of Heimdall's Quest is a teaching methodology that aim to inspire a student-driven cultural change in the classroom, and to strengthen the teacher's relationship with each and every student.

How it works

Heimdall's Quest

How it works


Students gain points by showing up, making an effort and helping eachother.


Students can use powers to help their team or gain perks in the classroom.


Students have to cooperate to advance in the challenge system!

Life skills

The framework is designed to help students develop soft skills and learn to learn.


Student testimonials


“What I’ve learned from Heimdall's Quest is that I’ve learned that cooperation and teamwork is essential when you are in a group setting.”


“It’s good. Everyone got to know each other really fast due to the groups we sat in. So in the beginning we got to know the groups. We became friends really fast.”


“It made a good reason to want to go to school and to get to school at the right time each day, work with your tasks and work with your work at home if you did not finish in school in order to get more points than the others.”


“It made learning a bit more fun. Because, if you put in good effort and showed up and wasn't late you got XP and you got to advance further which gave you advantages in the classroom. You could do whatever you want by the end of the year if you earned enough XP. That was motivating for me. I wanted to reach the top. That was the goal from the start.”

Heimdall's Quest is a motivational challenge system developed by InnovatEd AS, an educational consulting company run by actual working teachers, based in Trondheim, Norway.
If you have any questions or want to try Heimdall's Quest, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@heimdallsquest.no.